NursesEtc Staffing Interview Tips

Before the interview 

  • DO YOUR Research
    • Company/Interviewer
    • Location/Route
    • Envision your interview, conduct mock interviews
      • Have basic questions ready to answer
      • Review the job description and prepare examples of how you can improve systems or follow procedures  
        • Be able to demonstrate skills and strengths through previous real-life examples
    • Be ready to refute any shortcomings or disqualifications
      • If you have any gaps in your experience or resume, be sure to have a solid reason the company should still hire you.


  • Just in case you forget…. dress to impress, hair counts too!
    • Ensure your energy levels will be optimal for your interview
    • Get your mindset ready
      • Be grateful/positive for the company giving you an opportunity to learn more about the position
      • Engage/Respect all the employees you interact with
      • Be ready to learn


  • Thank the employer/interviewer for their time
    • Ask questions after the interview is over, be human!
    • Follow up and keep in touch
    • Self-evaluate your interview and write notes about yourself and your experience
    • Prepare references

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