We are working to continue to provide the best service possible to our employees and clients during this Covid-19 crisis. All office staff can be reached via phone or email throughout this time.  

Immense appreciation goes out to the healthcare providers that are working on the front lines during this crisis. We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy.  

Updates about important developments can be found on our Facebook pages, so please check them frequently.  Together, we will all get through this!

Our clients and employees are so important to us and we thank you all for “Making A Difference In People’s Lives Every Day!”

Important Information About FFCRA Notice

We want to stay in touch and keep our employees informed of any changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many have heard that the government is implementing federal acts to assist employees that are negatively impacted by this situation.  Specifically, the Families First Corona virus Response Act Notice also knows as the FFCRA Notice.  Below please find a Q & A that is specific to our company and our employees.  For additional details regarding the FFCRA Notice, we have also included a link to the DOL website.  

 Employees with questions not answered in the company Q & A or on the DOL website, can reach out directly to the Human Resources Director at

                                                                                 Thank you for “Making a Difference in People’s Lives Everyday”!

Families First Corona Virus Response Act Notice
Donald L Mooney Enterprises LLC
NURSES ETC Staffing/PrimaCore Solutions
Q & A
1. What is the Families First Corona virus Response Act (FFCRA or ACT)?
        a. Per the DOL, it provides certain employees paid sick leave and expanded FMLA for reasons related to COVID-19 from 4/1/2020 through                        12/31/2020
2. Is Donald L Mooney, NURSES ETC Staffing, or PrimaCore Employees covered by FFCRA?
    Why or why not?
        a. No; FFCRA is applicable to employers with 500 or fewer employees. Donald L. Mooney Enterprises has more than 500 employees.
3. How is headcount determined?
        a. Headcount is determined by counting all active full time, part-time, temporary, PRN employees.
            1099 contractors are not included.
4. Why is NURSES ETC Staffing and PrimaCore Solutions and Donald L. Mooney Enterprise considered one employer?
        a. All of our entities are considered a single entity because of common ownership and common directors among the entities.
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