Tips for new hires with NursesEtc.

Familiarize Yourself with the New Environment

Make sure you take time to figure out where the essential locations are in your new work environment. Places to ensure you know are located tips:

  • Lunchroom/Breakroom, Rest Rooms
  • Manager/HR Offices
  • Water fountains, coffee stations, and nearby restaurants
  • Security, emergency hazard/medical equipment


Start to meet your team! It’s valuable to know about the people you work with… You never know of the connections that already exist… it’s a small world!

  • Keep it casual
  • Be open to after-work events… don’t be shy
  • Make sure to ask questions!
  • Eat lunch with your new coworkers

Get in the Right Mindset

It’s time to get mentally prepared for your first week of work. Remember that just waking up and showing up on time isn’t going to cut it. Its time to prove yourself because first impressions still matter.

  • Be ready to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Roll with the punches
  • Start to build your routine
  • Challenge yourself- set some goals/objectives

Tips on what to avoid:

Try Not to Be Shy!

Tons of people consider themselves to be shy… so you’re not alone. Be sure not to forget about the importance of personal communication. You can start to build some trust!

  • Focus on learning more about your coworkers
  • Don’t concentrate on those awkward moments, move forward
  • Have nice manners!
  • Make sure you are actively listening

Don’t Complain!

Whether you are tempted to complain about the current job or your old job… DON’T! It is important that your employer doesn’t start to think that you are going to start drama and are a positive part of the team.

  • Don’t complain about being tired/Ask to leave early
  • Don’t complain about being assigned a certain task
  • Don’t complain about management
  • Don’t start drama

Don’t Get Too Ahead of Yourself

Hard work is important and hopefully, you are being noticed for it, but you need to control your frustrations even if humble isn’t your middle name.

  • Don’t immediately ask for a raise
  • Don’t try to over-impress
  • Don’t show up too early
  • Don’t let your emotions get the best out of you

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