Being an Employee in 2022

Being an employee in 2022 as opposed to being an employee in 2010 has shifted drastically. Below are 5 lessons employees need to learn either by themselves or from this wonderful blog!  

1. Having quality mental health resources benefits is a huge plus to have from your employer.

Ensure your employer puts mental health front and center with high-quality benefits. These benefits can be anything from offering therapy or a stipend for mental health services. They even can be something like offering competitive pay, paid time off, etc.  

Another thing companies can do to improve mental health resources is to address employee burnout with flexible work policies with possible “Meeting free days”, adopting four-day work weeks, and “Do Not Disturb hours.”  

2. An upper management that not only listens to requests/suggestions, but also takes them into serious consideration, is important.  

Think back to a time when your management listened to your suggestions, implemented your idea, and recognized you for it. For people in companies with strong leaders with poor listening skills, this could be a dream, but it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone.  

Communication between you and management is essential; being able to efficiently and effectively make suggestions that can help the company and, as well as yourself, in the long run.  Your workplace should be an environment where individuals have a voice and are not only listened to, but are valued.  

Some ideas to improve the environment are to remove distractions and ask questions. Meetings with too many distractions can take away from speakers. Ask clarifying questions to better understand speakers and can help retain the information better.  

3. Employers that improve their benefits year to year are a total win.  

The saying that you either adapt or parish is equally as important in the benefits category. Let’s face it, having the same old benefits from 2010 does not cut it anymore in 2022.  

As an employer, retaining employees is a challenge in 2022, and having good benefits is one of the best ways to attract and retain top talent. However, it does not just end there. Continuously improving your benefits rates, offering more services, and adding additional coverage to existing benefit programs allows your employees to have the peace of mind that your benefits are up to date (and the competition isn’t offering something better).  

4. Coaching, skills development, and investing in their employee’s education are fantastic for employees just starting their careers.  

Employees just starting their careers after high school or college can appreciate when their company helps bridge the gap of tools and training necessary to improve their job knowledge. Furthermore, once an employee has mastered the minimum requirements for the position, continuing to learn and grow in their role with the company is not only a great mindset to have, but it’s essential. It is human nature to desire to take on new challenges and achieve our goals.  

Education and college tuition is only getting more expensive, so an employer that considers offering tuition reimbursement for employees’ education development is a win-win situation. Employees who prioritize their education will increasingly seek employment with companies that offer these programs. Companies that don’t offer these incentives may find that they aren’t competitive in the market. 

5. Flexible scheduling and remote work have never been more appreciated as an employee.  

This one may seem obvious but cannot be appreciated enough. No matter what your home life looks like, having the option to work from home can be a huge win. It gives employees a larger pool of higher-quality employment opportunities across the country.  

For employees without deadline heavy work, flexible scheduling can be utilized to maximize the hours they feel more productive and willing to get work done. This can allow employees to avoid burnout and offer better flexibility. 


Overall, it can be said that employees have shifted their demands in the workplace since 2011. Currently, in 2022, there is a vast number of people resigning from their positions seeking better working conditions. This has resulted in many businesses experiencing many open positions and/or being forced to shift their benefits and working conditions.  

Since 2011, employees have demanded more mental health services offered by their employer, benefits to continuously improve year to year, and flexible scheduling, or remote capabilities.  In addition, employees want to be heard and taken seriously. Some employees would like to have coaching, skills development, or education reimbursement available from their employer.  

With a recession and inflation accelerating this Spring, we’ll have to see how companies that are struggling the most shift and shift successfully.  

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