How Long Does It Take to Start with Nurse’s Etc. Staffing?

Whether you have worked with Nurse’s Etc. Staffing before or if it is your first time, the onboarding process is seamless to get you started on your first day of work and start earning that first paycheck. Nurse’s Etc. Staffing starts our process by doing a quick screening and interview.  After you have been selected, we have you complete your drug screen and background check. We handle completing your employment verification and then you are good to start your assignment. We can finish the process as fast as one weekend!

When you start your job search with Nurse’s Etc. Staffing you have many options to get started. Either check out our positions on our website or give us a call. Our recruiters are specialized and have years of experience to guide you through the process of finding the right job for you and through the onboarding process. We put factors that matter most to you such as the commuting time and the work environment so you can have a more perfect fit for your next job. Nurse’s Etc. Staffing has healthcare positions all over the San Antonio metropolitan area and our government branch has positions all over the nation. Wherever you decide is best to work our recruiters are well-equipped to assist you in finding a position that best suits you.

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