Safety Tips

Ensure your environment is clean and hazard-free

  • Double-check equipment is intact and working before using
  • Be aware of floor obstacles or spills

Use clean and proper PPEs that also fit appropriately

  • Stray away from reusing all PPEs from the recommended amount
  • Use the correct PPE for each different task
  • Ensure you have proper footwear for the environment

Take note of your energy levels and utilize breaks:

  • Do I really need to remind you about coffee?
  • Optimize your breaks for recovery and try to time them for when you need them
  • Try foods that give you an energy boost without the crash:

                                Ex. Fruit, eggs, oatmeal, or whole wheat bread!

Be thorough with procedures/protocols and stay away from shortcuts

  • Ensure you and your team have completed proper training
  • Don’t rush procedures… It’s not a race
  • Stay away from encouraging shortcuts that could lead to potential safety risks

Ensure your communication between the team is optimal

  • Warn your team about potential hazards… be empathic!
  • Be clear and as thorough as you can with your team
  • Ensure you are actively listening to instructions.
      • Don’t jump to conclusions/start planning
      • Stay away from imposing opinions
      • Eye contact/watch for non-verbal cues

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